Manage DNS records using Cloudflare

Cloudflare enables CDN service to your domain name for faster loading of your website. Moreover, it can be used for managing you DNS records.

Whenever a domain name is purchased, the domain registrar provides you with the facility to control the Name Server (NS) records. The NS records point to the DNS control portal, in our case, Cloudflare.

Please follow to below steps to point your domain name to Cloudflare.

  • Login to Cloudflare portal
  • Click on Add a Site
  • Enter the domain name and click on next
  • Select the Basic package.
  • Configure the DNS records. Below are some commonly used DNS records. (Set TTL as auto or any desired value)

    • A record
      Used to point to the domain name to the hosting. The value is usually an IP address. Example
    • CNAME records
      Most commonly used for sub-domains. It replicates the content present over the URL mentioned. Most common CNAME records are www, FTP, *.
    • MX records
      These records are used to link the domain name with the mail server. Example Gsuite, webmail, etc
    • TXT records
      These records cover a wide spectrum and can be used for multiple purposes, likely verification records, adding SPF records, etc.
  • Click on Next once all the DNS records are added.
  • Configure Cache setting, SSL settings and click on Next.
  • Now Cloudflare will provide you with the NS records which are to be updated in the Domain Control Panel.

After the NS records are updated, it may take up to 48 hours for a global propagation. DNSchecker would provide you with a global propagation listing over various internet service providers.